December 31, 2004

It's a Fad, Fad World

A little voice inside me is saying this won't last long. Other hobbies that I have sent by the wayside: yoga, training for a half-marathon, playing guitar, Italian, and that silly idea I had that I could make tiny paper lanterns for each tiny bulb of a 100-light string of Christmas lights. But we'll see.

San Francisco, like New York, is fad-hungry. Fads in clothes, hot spots and hobbies can come and go more frequently than our unreliable public transportation system. Most recently, San Francisco's chic-est young things have been absolutely crazed for something more tailored toward retired ladies awaiting new granchildren: knitting. I think a Blog is more up my alley, thanks.

The newest fad in the restaurant scene here is "small plates." Most likely originating from the Tapas craze, kitchens offer less food and smaller prices, to entice the customer to taste an array of food fare. I recently experienced small plates at Bambuddha Lounge with W.R.. I left feeling more hungry and more broke than I normally do dining out. But hell, we looked damn good doing it.

I will anxiously await the return of "regular" and "large" plates to SF's hot restaurants. And while I won't be sitting at home knitting until that day comes, hopefully this Blog will turn out to be a long term companion, more than a hobby.