December 13, 2005

Settling In

Forgive me for delays in life updates. But as Dawn Summers over at Clarified can attest, moving is a bitch.

First I hurt my back, then I purchased a bed that could not be delivered for a week. Then the movers were 4 hours late and we exceeded the "move-in deadline" of the new apt complex, risking a fine and pissing off the neighbors in this excessively quiet neighborhood. Finally, a lock-out at the old place and a lock-out at the new place within 3 days of each other! Plus a $50 parking ticket. Oy vey.

The good news is that I'm finally settling in. It's been challenging combining decorative items from the several rooms of the old place to the more limited areas of the new place. Can you put grey-blue curtains in a room with a burgandy duvet cover? Hmm. Where does the vintage orange standing lamp fit into that picture? Or the black and gold hookah-esque standing lamp? Oh dear. I'm afraid that I'm so used to seeing all these things in one setting together that they actually "work." It will be interesting to hear what my first guest says (or doesn't).

In other news, I have to finish settling in quite quick over here because the Long Distance Guy will be visiting over the holidays. Yes, the holidays. Yes, all of them. I guess in Europe it's not such a big deal to spend the holidays with someone else's family? Little does he know, oh, little does he know!