July 11, 2007

A Blogger Into Oblivion

As with the many many stars that light our night sky, there are many many bloggers. Many more bloggers are born each day. And sometimes, like a star that has long burned brightly, a blogger who has filtered news and stories, tales of sadness and joy will just fade out into oblivion. Part of the composite whole no more.

I am feeling the pull, people. Blogging for the past few years has been a great source of joy; it filled voids in between boyfriends and gaps of space and time of friendships, and provided the sense of having a voice that was being heard... somewhere, even if nothing echoed back.

As life ebbs and flows from lazy days to absolute chaos, it is hard to guage if my time and inspiration to share my stories will continue to peak and dip, and that isn't fair to "my three readers" or to the tiny side of me that is always looking for a creative outlet.

First, I want to thank you, my readers, for reading. For not chastising when I was on an apparant rant, for supporting me with like stories or passing them on, for congratulating me on this or that, and for making me laugh and feel like part of a wonderful community. Second, I'd like to ask you to delete me from your rss feed aggregator, or whatever way in which you stumble upon my now infrequent posts, and take me off your blogroll (sad weep weep, but lame if you keep me on there). Third, I'd like to tell you: you bet your ASS I am still reading your blog.

My blog spot will still be around. But don't expect anything new, other than, perhaps, more frequent comments on yours ; )

All my best!
Gertrude "Gertie" Stein.