February 12, 2007

Damned Nanny

That damned Supper Nanny. She makes me cry every time. Every Time! Or, maybe it's not Super Nanny's fault. Maybe I'm just a sucker for family relationships. Ugh. Kleenex!

February 11, 2007

Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor,
I made the mistake of driving home late last night and parking in front of your house. Because it was dark, I did not see that you paid the Dept of Parking & Traffic an exhorbitant amount of money to paint your curb red. Regardless, I certainly left enough space for you to pull your car into the garage. A $75 Blocked Driveway ticket would have been a good enough lesson for me to know never park there again... you didn't have to tow my car and make me pay an additional $218 to go get it out of impound tonight. May Karma slap you silly in your next life.

Your Neighbor

February 08, 2007

Ha ha ha ha!

I'll have to translate for you, but this (to me) is hilarious....

... a message from my French meet-up group (to which I have not gone yet after 4 months) about the St. Valentine dance ("ball"):

SI les hommes sont timides a inviter les femmes a danser ... elles peuvent les inviter! & bien sur un Monsieur ne refuse jamais a une femme de danser avec elle. Dansez, amusez-vous Seul/e ou avec un/e partenaire peu importe! l'idee c'est de danser & de s'amuser. Que personne ne reste
assis/e. N'oubliez pas que la musique & la danse sont un elixir pourl'ame & le corps...

"If the men are too timid to invite the women to dance, the women can ask the men! And, of course, a "gentleman" never refuses to dance with a woman. So everyone dance and have fun, individually, with a partner or as a group, it doesn't matter! The idea is to dance and have fun. Nobody should be sitting. Don't forget that music and dancing are an 'elixer' for the body and spirit..."

Ha ha ha ha! Nevermind the previous email, which I won't pain you with in translating, about the "dress code."

February 05, 2007

All Hail the Queen

You would think that the Pope has arrived in San Francisco. Or you would think SF is at this very moment hosting the Olympics. Or that the Oscars are taking place here. People are flocking to the water. They are skipping work and school. They are getting in their cars and driving to San Francisco.

Yesterday for the first time, the Queen Mary II oceanliner arrived in the San Francisco Bay. Superbowl - Superboat. Superbowl - Superboat. What to do? A helluva lot of people were more interested in the Superboat. And still are - SF has been absolute chaos since yesterday. Auto and foot traffic is ridiculously backed up due to all the rubbernecking and people hordes snapping pics.

I knew the boat was coming to town but had no idea so many people would get this excited about it.
This morning I took my usual route to work and I saw streets that normally have no traffic completely jammed. I had to park 3 blocks away from my office.

I saw a colleague and asked "Is the Queen Mary around here or something?" I thought it was a funny since the waterfront, which is a block from our office, has 4 miles of piers. Her eyes got real big, indicating that I am dumb and blind, and she pointed up. No wonder there is no sun. We were standing in the shadow of that enormous vessel, tied up just on the waterfont the next block down.

To describe the massiveness of this boat I can only make one analogy: think of a gorilla. Now think of a gorilla standing next to King Kong.

Check out this YouTube Video from
Lophat, which was taken from the Golden Gate Bridge as the QMII entered the Bay. It keeps going, and going, and going! And tonight it will be gone.