August 25, 2006

"There's No Fixin' Things These Days"

"There's no fixin' things these days" is a quote from the British movie "On a Clear Day." And it's so right. It probably doesn't have a lot to do with the plot (I just paused the film, so maybe it does tie in somewhere). Don't get me going on my anti-consumerism mumbo-jumbo, just know that I despise the [consumerist, not health and sciencey-types of] disposable plastics that surround us and fill our all-too-small-for-marketing-forced-consumer-appetited landfills. So there.

OK. Carry on then! Right-o.

Clickity-Clack Attack

My old building was built in 1910 (4 years after the Big One - er, earthquake, that is). It was built on solid bedrock (I'd say 77% of SF is) and has wonderful period details, like rounded bay windows, 14' ceilings and a fabulous decorative fireplace (that took me HOURS to repaint, by the way). It also has some not-so-period details invented by my old landlord, like a '70's style kitchen and super ugly light brown carpeting.

My new building is a re-constructed 1940's gem with mohogany-stained hardwood floors, 12' ceilings, lovely crown molding and Old World charm. With east and west facing windows, my "Bone"-colored walls get the most elegant light all through the day. The negative here is the "re-constructed" part: this building was part of the 23% NOT built on solid bedrock, and, in pictures from 1989, could have been anyone of the absolutely destroyed buildings lying flat on the ground after Jr. Big One.

I love my new apartment. I love the location. I love the windows and the light pouring through them. I love the floors and the crown moldings. BUT. What I don't like, is the CLICKITY-CLACK of the new neighbor upstairs who has OBVIOUSLY never been anything but a top-floor renter (if a renter at all). The ordinance in SF is to have 70% of hardwood floors covered, but I think it should be altered to "70% of traffic areas on the hardwood floors covered." She must have been a gymnist growing up. I mean seriously. This little girl of 5'2" IF THAT, really lands her feet. Lands them! Really. Forget the 6:45 am traipsing around in her work heels (which happens like clockword M-F,which is only somewhat bothersome now that I'm early to bed, early to rise), I'm talking her general barefoot traipses. Girl! There are people living down here! Under your thinly and cheaply laid hardwood floor with barely a subfloor and ceiling in between. Let's all trollip gently through the tulips now, shall we? OK. OK then. Good. Sheesh. Now we can all just get along.

The Short, Sad Life of my Little Basil Plant

One bummer in moving from my old place is that I had to get rid of my potted plants. I only had one indoor plant, but I had a lemon tree and some potted flowers on my huge fire escape. There's just not enough space in the new place.

I had been wanting to grow some herbs on the kitchen window sill, but it's so narrow that I never figured I could find a small enough pot that was big enough for herbs. Last weekend my mom surprised me with a teeny tiny pot with a teeny tiny basil plant! I was in love.

Well, it's been a rough road for little Basil! First everything I watered him with was too forceful/fast and the water would run right off the soil, so he was thirsty. Then I found the perfect watering can - a milk creamer - and all was well and he was on the road to health, enjoying the open window in the kitchen... until yesterday. A big wind came through and when I got home little Basil was all over the floor surrounded by a broken pot and the few ounces of soil that surrounded his teeny tiny roots. He's sitting in a little candle holder w/some water now, but who knows how long he will hold out?

: ( Sorry little guy.

August 21, 2006

Mother Bugger

Oh crap. Did you see that? Crap! A mosquito just flew by! Looks like another night of trying to figure out how to sleep and still breathe while being completely blocked from mostquitoes. By the way, if you don't live in SF, mosquitoes here are rare, and NO, we don't have screens on the windows. Sheesh.

I Did It!!!!

Hell Yeah! I'm so proud, People. I did it. I actually made a Life Goal and ACHIEVED IT. For now. I am officially.... Early to Bed, Early to Rise. Hoo ha!

Now, you may ask why this is so awesome. Well, for one, I am by creature of nature, a night owl. But all I did was flip it. It wasn't easy, but I did. And you know what? It's not all bad.

The Good: I get up and, er, cuh-phrump, hack hack, clear nasals, clear nasals, R U N. Yes, I run. Just about 3 mi., maybe up to 4.5 mi if I'm feeling groovy and my mp3 inspires. Cuz it's certainly not the crap in my head inspiring. Anyway, the coolest thing is, that if I run the same pace for the same distance, I end up walking off the run (cool down) to this crazy Brazilian tango-esque song that is altogether completely uplifting and positive. I mean, who can be a Bi-atch on a day where they end up salsa-ing home? IMPOSSIBLE.

Anyway, that's the news. In a nutshell. Yes, Auntie Di, I know you are standing up clapping. I've always strived... I'm getting there. And PS Auntie Di, disregard my mom's email to you. For God's sake I only got a mosquito bite on my eyelid, and granted it was a really big vanity issue with the swelling and all, but it certainly wasn't a medical issue that would require your attention.

Funny to say, but it's 23:22 and it's LATE, and I'm TIRED. Good night.

August 17, 2006

They Beat me to it (Damn Firefox+Blogger)!!!

Well, they didn't really. I wrote an AWESOME - AWESOME! blog post about being born to be a Rock Star and someone I particularly know, the Rock Star Supernova's contestant, Storm Large, but for some reason the Firefox/Blogger (i.e., Fifo/Bloggo) combo didn't like my preamble about meeting an opera major I ineterrogated at my former university, (Go Buffs - hoo-rah!) so, oh well. I'd like to add, however, that the preamble was also AWESOME. If you were ever curious about why/how people decide to be opera singers, email me: I know!

Let me tell you, it was a
really good lead-in/post. Seriously. I'm so sad that I didn't beat them to the proverbial punch. Seriously. Because not only do I share the same birthday as Storm, but I really, really did do all the backstage and pre-post-non pre/post just- party party stuff with her. She's a really swell gal. All about the artists, or so it seems (she is really supportive of other chicks trying to Make It). But is she Supernova's rock star? I dunno. What I can tell you, which I DID tell you in my farked post, is that she is a person-magnet and will get far in the fame field regardless of being on the Supernova bandwagon. Cuz' I am being totally honest here... whether you are a randy hetero man or a any sort of girl who has seen Storm live, well, you just want to be close to her. And THAT, my friends, is a Rock Star. Period. *Please FiFo/Bloggo accept this damn admission.* And I won't charge you for the new refs. Cheers. But seriously. Storm live is a most amazing thing. If you have the chance, go see that s****. Period.

August 16, 2006

Forgive Me Father...

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I chewed out the customer service person who was trying to not help me fix the problem with my cellular phone plan being more than I need. I know it is only his job to keep telling me no you can't, that's the rule, no, my supervisor is not here, no there is no one else who can help you, would you like to leave a callback number? Actually Father, saying I "chewed him out" doesn't quite describe it. I talked over him because he wouldn't shut up about policy, and I raised my voice at him, and I used his name and the "F" word in the same sentence. Twice. While screaming and holding the phone a foot from my face. Twice.

Well, Father, I don't think I need to do any penance for that because he already gave me what I deserved.... he hung up on me. So then I did something worse, Father: I called back and falsely threatened to cancel my service. And the lady, well, you must have sent her to me, because she made the changes to my plan like an angel. But I do feel guilty. What's that? Oh, right. Next time I'll call my rabbi. Sorry about that.