January 28, 2006


Uh. Yeah. Was it wise of me to set this up to FeedBurner? Because.... it's really discouraging to see that NO ONE has subscribed to my feed. Pathetic.

Add me to your feeds. Add me feed me add me feed me.

January 27, 2006

Mad Hot Ballroom: Rent It.

I Laughed, I Cried, Fuhgeddaboudit! Rent it!

Hello. You HAVE TO rent Mad Hot Ballroom [note: NOT what you think]. C'mon - you're gonna love many many many points about this film:

1. Teachers and classes SHAPE children. So does competition. Let me tell you: this movie [re]opened my eyes to the challenges of teachers. Whether you loved or hated the 'Teach back in the day, the fact is teachers shape PEOPLE. OMG. Can you say love-hate? This movie will make you love them. Again.

2. Cyrus. How can anyone NOT love Cyrus? He is a little Buddha Bad Ass- wise before his time; questioning everything; a pierced left ear at 10 years of age, just really his own delightful person.
3. I love Wilson! From the moment I saw him in that very first frame in which he was shown. I loved him, I swear. Before I knew he was amazing. I guess it is an apparant "star" quality. Wilson! You! Go!
4. Fever: Whoa, girls, settle down! You're what... 10, 11 years old?? You have the intellectual maturity of women beyond my years! The needs you speak of I have only just learned!!!
5. This movie sees souls. Really, you'll see them too.
6. The Indigo Embrassos. I'm crying now. And am I spelling "kisses" right?
7. Moms. I love moms. I hate moms. Sometimes moms f'up, or as children of them we think moms f' up. But they are doing the best they no how (er, hopefully). Honestly, I'm rooting for them.
9. Students excel and teachers cry.
10! Results!

Rent rent rent rent. And then rent Spellbound. OK goodnight.

January 23, 2006

Toothpaste Gone

Baby, that toothpaste you so surprisingly and thoughtfully purchased while you were at the store is almost gone. Granted, it is not my favorite toothpaste, but the fact that it is almost out is making me sad. It's like you're disappearing, twice a day.

OK, considering my last post, it seems that Cancer women are the equivalent to Jekyl and Hyde. Hold on for a rough ride, fellas.

POST SCRIPT: OK again. Considering that I deleted my last ... uh... go look up Cancers in some astrological website. Then come back. You'll get it. (I'm not kidding: read ANYTHING about the astrological sign Cancer and you'll "GET IT." ABOUT ME, I mean.)

Nighty night!

January 22, 2006

How Scars Move

It's funny. How scars move.

Have you noticed?

I was born with holes in my neck. Yes holes; 3 of them. Apparently, they were more like gills. I've tried and tried to figure this out, to get some sort of medical explanation, both through my mom and through Google, but I have just never gotten a straight answer from either of them. I can easily claim that these "gills" haven't had any effect whatsoever on my life, regardless of their mystery.

What my mom has told me, is where the scars were physically when I was born, which is not where they are now. Now, they are low, near the nape of my neck. When I was born they were closer to my chin.

So I know that as a body grows and skin adapts, so do its scars.

The relativity? I was just looking at a photo someone took of me last night. The photo captures part of my face and most of the length of my left arm. On which I have a scar (from a tick bite, but that's another story). When I examined the photo more closely tonight, I couldn't see said scar. I zoomed in; still no scar. Sitting in front of the computer, I took off my sweater and thoroughly examined my arm. OK, now I KNOW I got a tick bite in high school. I've explained the odd non-mole-bump to a number of people who have noticed it. But it wasn't there. I searched and searched, and finally I found it. It was on the other arm. Woops.

Anyway, there was an astonishing parallel in the routine. Recently I have been questioning the status quo of a relationship. The abundance of affection and desire which was present in the beginning has morphed in the past months, disappeared even. I have wondered where it all went. I've been questioning; secure in one moment and emotionally dissolved in the next. Every once in a while, I am convinced it is still there. But in the most introspective of moments I don't see it, and that makes me wonder. So basically, for the past few weeks, I have been absolutely tormented.

And then, after searching for the tick scar (in conjunction with a little astroligical rehab, but I digress), I had my "Oprah 'Ah-Ha' Moment." There is nothing to figure out here, in the relationship; it has just moved. Adapted. Changed. Do I like where it is now? No. I'm a Cancer after all, and what this is isn't good for me. I can't give to one who is present one minute and restless and unavailable the next. Ever moving, just a little bit like a scar.

January 20, 2006

The Newest Flickr Addict

Ok, ok, we all know Flickr.com is great. We all use it. And believe you me, I'm the last person to have time on my hands to waste in front of the computer, but I'm addicted to Flickr.

Specifically, I am addicted to "Interestingness." I can reload and reload and reload. There are some fabulous pictures out there. But the thing that has me addicted is the comment section of each photo. Man, there is a WHOLE COMMUNITY out there on Flickr! I mean, the people who comment are almost always connected to the photographer who has uploaded photos. Whether its an added contact or a friend, you get to know the photographers' lives via the comments those people post.

Don't get me wrong; I have a very full life and a whole 'lotta friends. I don't even comment on the photos. But I read the other comments like they are part of the latest literary craze.

So yes, I'm not reading anything new, and my magazines are gathering dust on the coffee table. The newest Flickr addict has arrived.

January 06, 2006

New Year, New Digs, and a Deal on Rugs (Yes Rugs, not Drugs)

I know I have been remiss in posting. Last time I checked in I had just moved, early December. AND, btw, didn't mean to diss my Cuz, Crazy Artist, who has also recently moved and felt the trials and tribulations of boxes and post-move organizing! (Happy Hanukah, and glad things are going well with Mailman.)

So, here it is, a new year and a new place. I'm still getting used to the area, which is Super Sleepy compared to the other. I feel like I have to tip-toe down the f*'g sidewalk. Day AND night, no joke. And I'll get used to moving my car every two hours to avoid parking tickets until I get my parking permit. Ah, well, I guess it beats meeting up with the 50+-been here since '69-psycho that yells to me "you're NOT getting a rose tonight, Bachelorette!" every time he sees me walking home after a run through Golden Gate Park. Cuz that really grains on a girl's personal image.

On the flip, if I walk 2 blocks from my new place, I can run to the Golden Gate Bridge. Pretty cool. Now I just need to start running again. Luckily, there is a half marathon in Santa Cruz in April... good time to start training, and that should be a super beautiful run.

Let's see, what can I tell you about the last month? Well, first off, here's a tip for all you hardwood floor people, no matter where you live: instead of buying an overpriced area rug that only half meets your taste, ask about carpet remnants. Of course I have an inside contact, but I got 2 fab white shag remnants for under $50, vs. the usual 5x8 area for $250. Inside, people! Inside scoop! This gift I give to you. Vedy vedy smart!

So the apartment is in full working order and I am figuring the rest out. I also had a visitor this month - yes, Long Distance Guy. LDG was here for 2 weeks during the holidays, and it was so nice to finally have him here.

My job was asleep in the month of December. Granted, I had roped a client into making an offer on an $8 million dollar building, but we didn't get it. Regardless, the fact that my colleagues found out that I had such a client was a boon within itself, but not getting the "trophy" building was a bit of a disappointment, to say the least! Things are looking up on the biz, though, with a new buyer and a new seller all within 2 weeks.

San Francisco was also asleep during the month of December. In fact, everywhere I took LDG to show him how hip SF was, it was DEAD. Which is bizarre. We even got all the cabs we needed on NYE. What else can I say but, after the long month of settling in and spending time with my LDG, I am completely refreshed and relaxed and ready to take on the world. Bring. It. On! Cheers.