May 26, 2005

Hey, What's My "World View?"

If I wasn't asked this question in the form of an online quiz, I would seriously contend that the questions posed would NOT result in my definition of what constitutes my World View. As an International Affairs major at university, I would have forwarded half these questions to the Philosophy Dept. I know if I was on a greater blog distribution, I'd get serious shit for saying that. However, I am quite happy with the tabulated result. Very much spot-on. Just take the damn test!

You scored as Cultural Creative. Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to enter this realm. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels as if there is something greater than ourselves. You are very spiritual, even if you are not religious. Life has a meaning outside of the rational.

Cultural Creative
















What is Your World View? (updated)
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May 25, 2005


I've admitted it to many people already, people both close to me and people who are practically strangers. But I'm a friggin' Hypochondrac.

My latest obsession is that I have sleep apnea. I can go into the so-called "sleep mode" and be there for 9 or 10 hours and still wake up exhausted. My dad snores like a bear, and before he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, he used to fall asleep at the wheel (I attributed that to the affair that I never proved he was having, but I digress). Thank goodness that this part of California doesn't have snow, so the lane-dividers are bumpy and can wake a person up. I've been told that I snore, but not like a bear. I've warned people of it before nodding off. I've even asked them to let me know if they heard any roars in the night. They say it didn't happen, or if it did, the were only soft roars.

Lately I have been plagued with allergies (thanks, Dad!), and as a self-diagnosed hypochondriac, as I fall to sleep I hear myself going there as if I am practicing rolling my "r's" in Spanish. Of course, hearing this, I cannot sleep, because I am checking to see if I am going to get enough oxygen to live through the night and thrive the next day. Often times at 2 am, I am ready to roll out of bed and see if I can get checked into Stanford Sleep Clinic. And then I allow myself to wander into places called " the to-do list" and "does he like me" and "this is what I'll do at work tomorrow" and "this is how my parents see me..." and slowly but surely I unknowingly grow unconscious
And so it goes. Since I don't have unlimited funds, I am forced to throw "sleep apnea" onto the pile of piled-up terminal problems that my eternal soul has discovered in my terminal body. But that hasn't stopped me from eating like shit and smoking up a storm. Call it smart, call it stupid, call it blocking, call it what you want. Personally, I'd like to call on a personal physician. MRI please! MRI!

Bitte Anschlag With My Yahoo!

Hallo! Am I the ONLY ONE in the blogosphere getting TONS, LOADS of spam in German? They are not even coming to my e-mail address, so what the hell? I wouldn't mind spam in French or Spanish; at least then I could brush up on my slang. But I don't know any Germanic languages, so what's the deal? Just because I loved Run Lola Run and The Princess and The Warrior (same actress), I didn't think it would come back to me. So I'll spit out what I can, some odd form of a German command: "Bitte Anschlag with my Yahoo!"

May 24, 2005

Medium is... Well, Medium

OK People, I'll admit it. I DON'T GET NBC. Not "I don't get it" but - I am not ALLOWED to access NBC. Satellite fluke in SF Bay Area. Since I am such a TV addict, I know it is in my best interest NOT to have cable. And to NOT have cable in San Francisco means you don't have NBC. Period.

So yes, I miss Scrubs and ER and all of the Law & Orders, and more power to me. Not really. Instead (YES, NBC who is too lame to put a satellite closer to San Francisco) I watch crazy lame sh*t on UPN and The WB. Touche [with an accent over "e"], my friend, touche [repeat]. But to an addict's joy, I am now staying at my friend's apartment watching her cat, and yes, also her cable-provided NBC shows.

And all of the sudden I am glad I don't get NBC. Because I saw [what I think was] the finale [accent over the "e"] of 'Medium.'

Now, I've heard a lot of hype about this show, and I've even seen the Whichever-Arquette-who stars-in-it on some non-NBC late night television show. But tonight I saw the show, and it was FUCKING luke warm; it was MEDIUM. In other words: quite frankly, rather boring [slight Queen's English accent].

To sum it up, quite glad to be missing the NBC [English Cockney accent]. Quite jolly about that. Yes, Zach of Scrubs and Garden State fame is quite cute, but not worth the trouble of buying cable. Truly.

May 18, 2005


This is weird. I just got a birth announcement from some guy in Switzerland. I have no clue who he is (or his wife, for that matter). But apparantly I know him from Colorado, because a lot of my CU university pals are also on the distribution list.

May 17, 2005

The Fiddler's Got Me Thinkin'

I rented Fiddler on The Roof tonight. To get back to my roots, I guess. I have seen Yentl, but this movie was made before my time. The ironic part is that it's not only about Jewish tradition, but altering it as well.
So it's no surprise that, while watching the wedding scene, I began incorporating traditional Jewish songs into my wedding reception playlist. I even started considering how my mom and my Aunt and I can circle my betrothed before I am given away. And of course there is the breaking of the glass and the "Malzaltov!" to wrap things up.
But I don't even have a boyfriend, and for the umpteenth time I remember that girls are raised on fairy tales and love stories, and thus it's not difficult for me to start spinning a tale that may never come to fruition. What I do know is that I will be singing "matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me a keeper, catch me a catch!" for the next couple weeks.
Seems like Rifka the Fly (i.e. my late grandmother) has been spending a little too much time hovering around. Oy....

May 09, 2005

Momma's Chores

I'm exhausted. Mother's Day was all about Momma's Chores.

I had a "list" of things to do when I went to my folks' house; all in the name of LOVE. My mom has been the one that has been exhausted lately. ALL THE TIME. The bags under her eyes are Serious. SERIOUS, People. And I have been worried about her crankiness, if not a victim of it to boot.

She is waiting waiting waiting for retirement, you see... 2 years away. But this woman is incessant, instoppable, CONSTANT even, in her endeavors to always "get stuff done." Shred this, organize that... there is always something next on her plate. I've seen her on Sundays, after a weekend off, and she is MORE tired than on Fridays. I told her I didn't want to see her kill herself in the process of getting to retirement, 2 years away.

SO. What's a daughter to do but ease the load? Sometimes when I help I think we live in a 3rd world country. I'm gardening and composting and hand-washing and such. And then I really think about it: granted, she's a bit obsessive about filling her time, but life for my mom is all about family. Supporting each other is What We Do. She looks after me all the time, even when I don't want her to. SO! Bring on The List, Mom, I'm ready.

The nicest thing of the weekend was that on Monday my mom called me from work to report that, besides the hectic-ness of work, she was feeling relatively stress-free.

I celebrated my success in easing her schedule by spending $300 of her hard-earned money (which is fueling the start of my new career) buying clothes for myself in a 2-hour period (don't worry folks - I received a hefty tax return a couple weeks ago, so it's not really ALL hers. Well, yeah, I guess it is). The oddest part is, when I walked to the video store tonite after coming home from the SF Decorator's Showcase party, I was 'Walking On Sunshine.' I was starting to feel good. Really good. It's weird how a new cute polka-dot skirt can change your perspective. Or was doing something for my mom the thing that did it?

Even though it's past Mother's Day now, and beside the fact that I hate celebrating commecialized holidays, I wanted to tell those who are with me that Sunday (yeah, Mother's Day) was an absolute sucess. For all of us!

PS - you're welcome, Dad.


May 06, 2005

The Wrap

I reminded WR she could try to get us into the SF Intl Film Fest after-party tonight, and she did it! Then I reminded her, while we were there, that she cd try to get us VIP wristbands, and she did!
Then I met a handsome lawyer, who was dating a beautiful Claudia Schiffer look-a-like, who ended up being very nice yet worried about me stealing her man. We also met a Harley-riding 50-something who bought us drinks, and a German translator, then bumped into some brothers we met at the SFIFF opening party , re-met the guys representing the Martha Bros. Coffee booth (one hot, one not), and saw this really disgusting, Buddha-type Asian who had been sitting on a square cube all Buddha-style while slurping up all the asian noodles he could find. On the way out, Buddha was leaving too (with a half-full Corona in his hands) and he kept telling us "see you nest year!! See you nest year!!" I hope to God not. Please. Trust me, you don't want to see a big Asian man sitting all Buddha (i.e. legs wide open with the round belly laying out) noodling himself to death ever again. Even if he is some amazing producer.

On the way home we had the chattiest cab driver ever. I asked him half a question and he went on the entire ride with an answer and a half. It still doesn't bring back my black turtleneck (lost in a cab).

May 05, 2005

Tonight's SFIFF Party

I started visualizing the party tonight at Suede, and wondered how they were going to serve us free drinks at a nightclub (a girl's gotta plan the $$ factor). Then I found this:

"Bid this year’s 48th SF International Film Festival adieu...Suede boasts different nightlife spaces to suit your mood. From the multilevel lounges or cozy VIP accommodations to the spacious dance floor, party into the night to the spins of the city’s top DJs, while enjoying tastes from Bay Area restaurants and mouthwatering libations."

Location: 383 Bay Street 9:30 - midnight

FILM & PARTY - $85: includes film, party entrance with two drink tickets,
entertainment and light hors d’oeuvres.

1 - I don't know what club I went to in Dec. that I thought was Suede, but it wasn't Suede 'cuz I have never been to a club on Bay and Mason. Which is why our conversation was so confusing this morning.
2 - There WILL be food!
3 - It looks like we will get 2 drink tickets and
that's it!
4 - I have no idea how I am going to get there!

OK bye.

May 02, 2005

Wow! Flirt-o-rama

Unfortunately, the girl quoted below is not me. But DAMN, the man knows how to do it (even while text messaging):

Her: Did I miss anything important?

Him: Yes. I was gonna ask you out.

Her: Wow 2 bad opportunities like that only come once

Him: Don't fool yourself. So when I see you on Friday, I'll tell you what happened.

Her: Is that your way of asking me out on a date?

Him: Who said anything about a date? I'll pick you up at 7. Dress to impress.

Her: [censored] Rd. and [censored] ave. Don't keep me waiting!

Holy sh*t, People. Men take note: That's a guy who is IN CHARGE. She didn't do half bad herself. Hey Lady, do you offer lessons???

I Don't DO Diets

I don't do diets. One time, 4 weeks before attending a wedding in Hawaii, I signed up for Weight Watchers online. The good news: I lost 8 pounds in a month. The bad news: 1) I thought about food 24/7 for 4 weeks. 2) It didn't emphasize healthy eating (what! no fruit juice?!) 3. You need to give 30 days notice to quit, so I wasted $29.99 by not cancelling before I started! I never want to do that again. Food should NOT be something to obess about.

Seeing how I may have a romantic visitor here in 5 weeks, what am I thinking about? My figure. Muscle Mass vs. Body Fat. Bleck.

And do you know what I want right now? I want pizza. Or, better yet, baked goods. Back in the day (the day of what or why I don't know), I had this thing about Bisquick. I f*ck'g loved that sh*t. Do up some batter with just water and some [no, LOTS of] sugar, and you have *BING*: sweet sweet bisquits. A cheap, quick baked-good treasure. And I want some of that. RIGHT NOW!

Sigh. But I don't have pizza. And I don't have Bisquick. I have some Aunt Jemima pancake mix, but what an effort (trust me, if I had fresh eggs in the house it would be no effort at all)! Besides, I'm not in the mood for syrup.

The point is, I don't diet. And I'd like to munch on these things right now, but it's 10:42 pm and I'm smart enough to know (and too lazy as well) that falling under pressure will disrupt my muscle-to-fat ratio and therefore make me feel like crap when the Dutchman comes.

OK. I feel better now. Thanks for letting me let that out. Bisquick.

May 01, 2005

That Fly Is My Grandmother

Hey KO, remember that big black fly that would follow me around the apartment? It still shows up every once in a while.

WR was here one day when "Big Bertha" came visiting, and I told WR that the fly is a frequent visitor. WR said: "maybe it's one of your dead relatives." Ha ha ha!

After that, I changed Big Bertha's name to Rifka, what we used to call my grandma. I mean, seriously, what is a fly's life span? This thing has been coming to visit for 7 years!

The other day, I was smoking at the window and Rifka banged herself into the closed window like 4 times before flying away. She must know that I said I was quitting last Sunday.

This morning, I was awake and lazily lying in bed. Rifka kept coming in and out of the room circling me. When I finally got out of bed, she left me alone.

Oh, by the way. Rifka says "hi."